Hello and welcome to my site! Thank you for visiting. I try to update this website frequently with new projects and ideas that I find so please check in periodically to see whats new.

Below are a few of the projects that I have worked on in and out of the classroom that showcase my wide and ever growing skillet within the Human Centered Computing and web development field.

E-ISG Asset Management Mobile Internship

During my summer internship as E-ISG Asset Management, I redesigned the mobile user interface to not only better represent the company’s brand but also increase customer satisfaction. I took this layout, conducted an in depth usability analysis and determined which aspects needed improvement and what the users desperately needed. I then implemented prototypes for assessment and when all specifications were complete, fully developed the interface using the telerik app builder environment. The result was a sleek, more efficient and easier to use system which met all requirements while adding more useful features. Below are a couple before and after shots of the UI.







Graphic Design Portfolio and Style Guide


During my introduction to graphic design class, I  focused on visual communications as the presentation of information through the use of type and image. I received an understanding of how visual principles can be used, gained experience in working through the design process towards the creation and evaluation of both typographic and image based forms, reinforced certain technical and computer skills, and refined my ability to critique and discuss relevant issues both individually and in group situations. I considered issues ranging from visual clarity and the needs of the user, creating hierarchy in a non-linear reading order, to the semantic/pragmatic, implicit/explicit characteristics of form. During this time, I worked with a client who wanted to rework their image. The attached portfolio and style guide shows the steps, tests and results of my work, with which the client was very pleased.  Portfolio and style guide.

Smart Parking – UMBC Parking Spot Finder

During my studies, I have also looked at strategies and techniques of structured analysis and structured design for producing logical methodologies for dealing with complexity in the development of information systems which I then used to create a comprehensive system analysis of a “smart parking lot.” A summary of the overall presentation can be found here.


A condensed version of these and other projects can be found on my resume here.

Responsive Resume

Throughout my studies, I have taught myself many skills and this web responsive resume is one such en-devour where I learned to use Bootstrap to create a responsive web environment.